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MSV India is a dream fulfilled for Vandana Vinayak, an established entrepreneur with over 10 years experience in the hospitality space. A staunch believer in women empowerment, this is yet another effort to establish a world-class company, providing the best solutions for the B2B segment.

MSV India Inc is the exclusive marketing and distribution partner for DR Optical Disc India Pvt. Ltd., an ISO 13485 : 2016 certified company based in New Delhi. They are well renowned in the field of UV Technology and working in it since the last 25 years.

Ever since the advent of the pandemic, we along with our team have worked hard to develop a product exploiting the UVC Technology, for protection against harmful bacteria and microbes. UVC is the most effective Sanitization Technology proven to be up to 99.99% effective against harmful bacteria and microbes. We are excited to introduce the “UV Disinfection Conveyor” which is a must for all Organizations, Institutions, Shopping Malls, Office Complexes, Airports and Railway Stations.



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