UV radiations can be harmful for humans. If the machine works on UV technology, how do we ensure safety for the users ?

All safety measures have been incorporated in the machine, like dark zones at the front and end of tunnel and thick black curtains. However, it is still advisable to not look at the blue light directly. Machine operator is advised to wear dark sunglasses.

Has the machine been tested against harmful bacteria ?

It is a proven fact that UV-C destroys harmful bacteria and microbes and the same has been approved by several Medical and Health associations. We have incorporated the same technology in the Machine.

How much power does it draw? Is it energy efficient ?

It is highly energy efficient. It draws only 4KW at single phase 220 V.

Can it be used to disinfect edibles ?

Yes, all edibles can be disinfected safely including water and milk.

What are the items that can’t be used to disinfect in the machine ?

It’s harmful to direct skin and naked eyes.

How long does it take for the UVT Conveyor to disinfect an item ?

The machine uses UV-C on all four sides of the object placed on it hence it takes only 5 to 10 seconds to disinfect an item.

What are the dimensions of the machine? Does it require plenty of space or is it compact ?

The Machine dimensions are 100” (L) x 42” (W) x 55” (H), intended to disinfect a load of up to 100 kg. However, for smaller items we have models of 6” and 12” width also.

Is the machine durable ?

The Machine is very durable and manufactured to operate 24 x 7.

What are the ideal operating conditions ?

Machine to be protected from rain if operating in the open. Air conditioner is not required, but keeping in a shaded area is recommended. In case of unstable electrical supply, it is recommended to use a 5 KVA stabilizer.

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