UVT Conveyor

Our UV Disinfection Conveyor is an Innovative product using UVC Technology to Disinfect all items like Hand Bags, Laptops, Tiffin, Files, Cartons, Baggage, Fruits, Vegetables, Water etc. An array of strategically placed UVC Lamps disinfect the item from all sides in a 360 degree manner. For example a carton will get disinfected from all 6 sides, including top and bottom. This is a must Installation at the Entry point of all establishments.



Features : 

 Unique 360 degree disinfection from all sides

  1. High quality Philips UVC Lamps used
  2. Disinfection time adjustable
  3. Rugged design to run 24×7
  4. Low Power consumption, just 4KW at 220V


UV Specifications :

  1. UV Wavelength : 254 nm
  2. UV-C Lamp used : 20 x 8W
  3. Disinfection Coverage : 360 degree, all sides
  4. Disinfection Time : Adjustable <> 20 sec
  5. UV Lamp Life : up to 9000 hours


Physical Specifications :

  1. Conveyor : 100”(L) x 42”(W) x 55”(H)
  2. Chamber : 48”(L) x 32”(W) x 22”(H)
  3. Belt Width : 25” ( Carbon-di-steel, anti-rust )
  4. Load Carrying Capacity : 100 kg
  5. Wire Mesh Covering on Lamps
  6. Strong wheels with Brakes


Electrical Specifications :

  1. Power : 220 V, single phase, 4 KW
  2. Variable Belt speed control
  3. Main Drive Motor 1 HP
  4. Exhaust fans to flush out Extra heat
  5. Separate switching of Lamps, per side
  6. Zero make ready time


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