With the onset of the pandemic, another threat that has been put on the planet are the use of disposable masks, PPE Kits, safety equipment, sanitisers, and whatever else that can keep people safe from contracting harmful bacteria and microbes.

The Unlock of the countries has started and the economy has got businesses opening up and finding out ways to do their business keeping in mind the safety and hygiene of their staff and clients. Unfortunately, this means using more of disposable stuff. For hotels and restaurants, it is disposable crockery & cutlery and for spas and salons, it’s disposable protective wear, not to mention excessive use of sanitisers everywhere to disinfect the surfaces, hands and even using sanitising tunnels to disinfect people. For airports, airlines, railways stations, trains and buses it will be excessive sanitisation with chemicals such as bleaching powder and more use of disposable material which more often is single use plastic.

The extensive use of sanitisers whether to clean hands, surfaces or objects is not recommended in long term due to their chemical content.  So, while on the one hand we are saving ourselves from getting infected but at the same time we are putting ourselves in another bigger risk which already is huge concern for all the environmentalist in us.

What if we find out a way to contribute in reducing at least one big portion of it?  The answer has always been there – use of UV-C to disinfect. While UV-C has been a proven technology for disinfection and killing of virus and bacteria from many years, it has never been needed or used on such a large scale till date. UV-C is being used to disinfect water for many years by water purifier manufacturers. Spas and salons use smaller UV-C machines to disinfect their tools and many hospitals use it to clean and sterilise their equipment as well as operation / emergency rooms. The only limitation of UV-C is that it can’t be used on humans to disinfect them but anything and everything else can be sanitised by using UV-C, including food.

The use of UV-C disinfectant machines has already begun and there are many ‘Made in China’ products that are being sold to sanitize mobiles, keychains and wallet for home use. There are machines now available to disinfect the vegetables at home.  However, we have made a product that is purely for industrial use which is not only cost effective but also is a convenient and faster way to sanitize large quantities in a much shorter time. Our machine – UVT Conveyor, uses UV-C light to kill 99.9% of all the germs on the surfaces of the objects, including viruses and bacteria. Keeping in mind the safety of the person operating the machine, we have incorporated dark zones at the front and at the end of the tunnel and thick black curtains to insure no person is exposed. We have ensured in the design that everything passing through the machine is disinfected / sanitized from all sides and it takes only 5-10 seconds to disinfect an item. As a highly energy efficient machine, it draws only 4KW at 220V single phase and is manufactured to run 24 x7.

It’s high efficiency and convenient design makes it a must have for the Hospitality industry who are required to sanitize higher volumes of materials coming into their premises including food, crockery, cutlery, equipment, uniforms, luggage etc. For the food and food packaging industry, this comes as a boon for their clients who can be assured of the best quality of product which was disinfected at raw stage of the items and also sanitized once the final product is packed and ready to ship. For public places with higher footfall such as malls, airports, railways and bus stations, schools, colleges, office and residential complexes, stadiums and event venues having large gatherings, the machine can be installed to sanitise/disinfect the objects that are of our everyday use. Clothing shops can use the machine to sanitize clothes that have been tried by customers before using steam ironing on them for the display racks.

We are proud to say that this is a 100% ‘Made in India’ Product, our contribution to the ‘Atamnirbhar Bharat’.  Every component used in the machine is sourced and manufactured in India.

This machine is a product designed to use as a sustainable option against our fight with harmful bacteria and microbes, but for any other similar threat in future.



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