UV-C the 99.99% effective Sanitization Technology

MSV India Inc’s UVT Conveyor uses UV Disinfection Lamps that emit UVC rays. UVC is a narrow Bandwidth of UV light at 254 nm, lying in between the UV Spectrum of 200-280 nm. As proven by many Medical research groups across the globe, like the Nebraska medicine and Stanford medicine, these UVC rays can effectively kill up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria and microbes. The use of UVC in disinfecting medical equipment is also recommended by Centre of Disease Control and Prevention, USA. CDC is the central managing body of USA working in the field of infectious diseases.

Various links by studies by these organizations is given below :
CDC Guidelines

View Here

Nebraska Medicine research paper

View Here

Stanford Medicine

View Here

Why UV-C is the most efficient Technology in our fight against harmful bacteria and microbes :

No Harmful Residues left behind :

UVC technology does not leave any harmful residues after sanitization process. It’s safe to use as there are no spots on absorbent materials like Fabrics, Paper, Cardboard, Office files etc. It’s safe even for Food items like Vegetables, Fruits and even water

No Consumables Required :

There is no use of any Chemicals or other consumables, so no need for continuous refilling. The only part requiring replacement are the UVC Lamps and those have a very long life of up to 9000 hours.

Contactless 360 degree Disinfection :

The disinfection done by UVC Technology is 360 degree and totally contactless, thus eliminating any harmful after effects.

Virus Free Atmosphere :

The best advantage of UVC Disinfection is that it kills not only the Virus on the various surfaces, but also those flowing in the air. Also it does that without making the air Toxic.

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